"Lost Padre Mine" is a narrative feature set in present day El Paso, Texas. The story follows Wayne Braddock, a less-than world renowned treasure hunter who, under the invitation of a member of the local clergy, arrives in El Paso to search for the missing Padre LaRue Spanish gold.

"Lost Padre Mine" is currently in post-production for sound, color, and video editing with the assistance of PRC Productions in Las Cruces.  Filming took place from June to August 2015 in El Paso, as well as areas of New Mexico to include Las Cruces. The feature film is clocked at 85 minutes and is planned to debut at the Plaza Film Classic in the fall of 2016.  Proposed screenings in El Paso TX, Socorro TX, and Las Cruces NM are also in the works.
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AIRFIELD GUARD:  A Bad guy has to trust someone, and in this case it is the Airfield Guard.  Packed with a gun and an attitude, this man is no nonsense when it comes to unwanted visitors.  This role is played by Orlando Rodriguez.
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WAYNE BRADDOCK: The lead male character, Wayne is a treasure hunter who is persuaded by Padre Gonzalez to come to El Paso to search for the mysterious gold once possessed by Padre LaRue centuries ago. Wayne is played by Mark Vasconcellos.
SELENA RAMIREZ: The lead female character, Selena is a 20-ish local in El Paso that is the daughter of a former acquaintance of Wayne. Despite her immature nature, Selena cares for and helps Wayne in the hunt for the lost gold. Selena is played by Stephanie Frias.  
PADRE GONZALEZ: A down on his luck servant of the Lord known to turn to the bottle, Gonzalez enlists Wayne's expertise to search for the lost gold. But, are his motives altruistic? Gonzales will be played by Cesar Miramontes.
TRUJILLO: A drug cartel boss not to be messed with, Trujillo is one of the adversaries that Wayne faces during the hunt for the stolen treasure. Wayne's search takes him into Trujillo's turf, which affects business. Trujillo is played by Jorge Estrada.
JOHNNY KITTO: A Hispanic/Native American biker clad in leather who comes to Wayne's aid in a critical point. Kitto is a true asset to Wayne's search for the gold.  Kitto is played by Randy Raulston.
PADRE ORO: A Senior member of the religious sect ranging in the mid-sixties, Oro attempts to keep the church stable while Gonzalez continues to mess things up. Oro will be played by Hector Dez.
MARIA RAMIREZ: Selena's mother, Maria is an overprotective parent who only wants the best for your naive daughter. Maria will make every effort to make sure Wayne does not reveal her secret. Maria will be played by Irene Taylor.
DOCTOR DECKER: A scientist assigned to a military operation and who has been a longtime member of a secret operation that Wayne stumbles onto during his search. Decker is adamant to keep America's secrets out of the wrong hands, no matter what the cost. Decker is played by Michael Gaba.

ELIZABETH: Once an overnight fling, Elizabeth is compelled to remain in Wayne's life, even if it means distracting him from achieving his goals as a treasure hunter. Elizabeth is played by Chelsea Foster.

JUNKMAN HOWE: An elderly, tired owner and proprietor of a antique shop, the Junkman may hold the vital clue to Wayne solving the mystery of the missing gold. The Junkman will be played by Kevin Mullin.

SAMANTHA STONE: A local television celebrity in her thirties who is strong willed and compelled to make it in the big time. Samantha holds no punches when she interviews Wayne about his successes...and failures. Samantha is played by Ashlie Rodriguez.

PEDRO: A cartel thug who works for Trujillo and threatens Wayne at a local amusement park.  Pedro is played by Edric Ray.

MANUEL: Another cartel thug working for Trujillo who captures Wayne at their secluded airstrip, which causes an uproar in the drug community. Manuel is played by Emmanuel Edrete.

PADRE LARUE: The catalyst for this entire adventure, LaRue stumbles onto the mysterious gold, and is the only person who knows what truly happened to it. LaRue is played by Angel Herrera.

SPANISH SOLDIER: The injured informant who started this entire journey! In the legend, it was an anonymous Soldier who, with his dying breath, told the secrets of where hidden treasure was buried. The Spanish Soldier will be played by Cruz Taylor.
CONSUELA: When the Spanish Soldier finds his way to the spanish mission seeking to reveal his dark secret, it is Consuela who stays at hand to console the dying man. Consuela is played by Victoria Sinclair.
DETECTIVE MACK: Hot in pursuit of two bank robbers, Detective Mack is on the look out to find Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, two young lovers with nothing better to do! Detective Mack will be played by David Schuette.

BILLY JOE: Along with his girl Bobbie Sue, Billy Joe is on the run from the law, racing against the clock to get into Old El Paso and cross the border into Mexico. Billy Joe will be played by Horst Ziegler.

BOBBY SUE: Bobby Sue always sticks with her man, even if it means being on the wrong side of the law. Young, in love, and running to Mexico, this damsel is not in distress, but in fact a danger to society! Bobby Sue is played by Veronica Perez-Torres

TRAMWAY EMPLOYEE: Although just a local employee of the famous Wyler Tramway, this young member of the community has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the history of the Franklin Mountains. This role will be played by Joshua Elias.

BARTENDER:  The Bartender is played by Carol Berstein.
WALLY: Wally is played by Tom Kwiat.
WAITRESS: The Waitress is played by Marie Blancrte.
SOLDIER:  The Soldier is played by Kniskan Udo.